Wittrup Seafood A/S is a partner in a new EU project focusing on the development of mussel production in the Baltic Sea area. BalticMUPPETS, as the project is called, is at its core an investment in blue bioeconomy, and aims to create economically and environmentally viable companies with a positive socio-economic effect. The project aims to create a completely new value chain based on small mussels, which will not only enable a new circular economy in the Baltic Sea region, but also support mussel farmers across Europe to develop, diversify and scale their existing businesses.

Wittrup Seafood is a key partner in the development and demonstration of a Danish business case with submerged mussel farming that will not have visual effects and will not be affected by ice cover. In the business case, two business models are established: 1) Industrial production of mussels on submerged mussel farms with low production costs, and with an export of small mussels from harvest in autumn for feed production, and sale of large mussels from harvest in spring/summer for high-quality food, and 2) sale and supply of mussel production technology and know-how to the national and international market.